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March 16, 2017


One outstanding magician - many amazing memories


I first got into magic after watching David Blaine performing a card trick on TV and I was astounded at not only the effect but people's reactions. Some people jumped and ran off, some shouted in amazement and some just stood in shock. I don't know what it was but there was something in me that wanted to be able to create those reactions myself.


When performing magic there is a moment, a moment when something impossible has just happened. A moment of wonder and it doesn't matter what age you are or whether you are into magic or not. A good magician will always be able to create that reaction in people.



 What makes a good magician?


Firstly it's not all about his effects but of course it helps if their magic is top quality. What’s equally important is how the Magician interacts with your guests. The difference between a good magician and a great one is their ability to build rapport with their audience. Anyone can learn a great trick but can they perform it to a group while making sure everyone is engaged and entertained at the same time? Can the Magician effortlessly wander around amazing everyone while interacting with everyone? Can the magician leave your event with everyone in some sort of magical frenzy? Do the guests spend the evening and even the next few days talking about the magician and how amazing they were? If the answer is yes then you booked a great one.


Why book a wedding magician?


Nowadays  it seems all the rage to provide lots of different types of entertainment during the day and evening. Long gone are the days when it was just a ceremony and then a party somewhere. Close up magic is really big at the moment especially on TV. A good magician will really add to an event and will fit in perfectly with any wedding theme. I love performing at weddings and I always have a good time and so do the guests.


When does the magician perform?


Normally you book a magician for around two hours which gives them a enough time to perform for all your guests without rushing. A wedding is an all day affair so there are plenty of times throughout the day the Magician can perform. The following is just some of the examples of when I perform.



During or after the meal


This is what normally springs to mind when booking a magician and is a really good option. I tend to move from table to table and it creates a buzz because people can see and hear the reactions to my magic. It’s nice to get the whole table involved especially because it’s normally families that sit together and everyone is in a good mood. I normally wait until the main courses have finished and everyone one is tucking into the desserts. Things to bear in mind though are the time constraints and the speeches. Are all the guest going to be sitting for long enough for the magician to get around?


In between the meal and main party


This is one of my favourite times to perform. Everyone is fed and relaxed. The photos have been taken and all the guests are looking forward to the party to come and getting onto the dance floor. Normally there are a few hours when people wander around and start chatting. This is a perfect time for a magician to mingle with the guests and perform. I love this part of the wedding because everyone has separated into little groups all over the venue. I may start performing to a group outside and then I’m inside doing some effects to a couple by the bar. Then I’m somewhere else doing some effects to some children that have started following me around. Then I’m performing to a small group at a table somewhere and then I’m back outside doing some of my closer killer tricks to a large group that has formed. It’s magical chaos but in a controlled way and I love it!


Start of the party


The main party has started and the evening guests have started to trickle in. Everyone knows that it always takes time for a party to get in full swing. I love performing at this time because it really gets people in the party mood. Normally people may be standing around not quite knowing what to do. I will join these groups, performing close up magic. It really gets the guests talking and they always enjoy themselves. It's a perfect start to the evening as everyone is normally excited and talking about the magic. So when my work is done and everyone is talking about the amazing effects, I leave and let everyone get down to the important task of PARTYING!


 Photo opportunities


One thing I notice is that when performing magic there are literally hundreds of great photo opportunities. A good photographer can easily catch the look of shock and amazement on people's faces and these always look great in the photo collection.


I’m not a children's magician but I do perform to them when they are around. I find they love my normal tricks just as much as the adults do and this looks great on the photos. I may even let them keep my cards at the end of the gig. I’m sure I’ve started a few little magicians careers down the years.


Anything else?


LIke all things in life there are bad magicians and their are good magicians.  A few ways of making sure you get a good one is through recommendations. Another is to look at their website and their photos. You can tell if people are enjoying themselves. Another good indicator is if they have any video’s or showreels on their site. This can give you a good indication of how they handle guests.


Me personally, I love magic and performing. I can’t think of anything better than wandering around and meeting new people while engaging with them in an amazing way. I love being part of somebody's big day and I don’t take that lightly. I feel honored and it always comes across in my performance. Not many people love what they do, I’m just one of the lucky ones!


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