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The Role a Venue Stylist has on your Wedding Photos



One of the most important skills of being a venue dresser is having an excellent eye for the details. I spend time with all my brides and grooms-to-be discussing their ideas and vision for their wedding day, and gain a clear idea for the atmosphere they want to create for their special day. Some couples want a very traditional wedding day, while others want a very informal and relaxed style to their day, and venue styling all contributes to creating the desired environment for the bride and groom and their guests.




Once a couple has booked with me I like to carry out the initial consultation at their venue, especially if it is somewhere I haven’t been to before. This allows us to talk through all their plans and what is on their ‘love to have’ and ‘don’t want’ list. I can also get an understanding of the layout of their wedding rooms, entrance hall and outside areas and refer to these in future meetings. Visiting the venue also allows me to advise the couple on what I think will and won’t work and where items can be placed based on my previous experiences.



I often provide sample centrepieces and chair sashes for my couples so I can ensure I am working towards the brief they have set me and so they can also see still images of what their wedding items will look like. It also allows the couple to see their ideas in ‘real’ life, and sometimes they love the look that has been created and for others it can make them realise how it won’t fit in with their décor or is something needs adding/removing.




For me, as a venue dresser, it is all about those perfect finishing touches……where I place a jar or flowers or a sign may not seem like a big deal to most people but it all helps to create atmosphere to a room and that bear corner would be noticeable and seem out of place if it was left untouched.




Throughout the time I am planning and creating my items to style a room I am always thinking of the end results and how it will look on camera. The role of your wedding photographer is to notice all those small details and finishing touches that myself and other professionals have worked so hard to create. They are able to capture those details in beautiful lighting surrounded in the setting of the wedding theme and your guests enjoying seeing them. In years to come, sometimes those smaller details can be forgotten but will always be captured in your wedding photos for you to look back on and remember with fondness.




For more information, please visit my website: Event Styling by Amy Victoria




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