Pricing and what's on offer.

Every wedding is different! 


I like to come and meet you both beforehand and hear all about your ideas and plans for the big day - getting ready pictures, first dance pictures - and all the details in between.


I charge per hour so you can book me for as long or as little time as you wish - although I'd expect a wedding to last for more than an hour, so with travel time, I guess the minimum time you'd need me is 2hrs.


I will be your main photographer with my partner Martin photographing the groom before the ceremony. We will take photos of your whole day, going beyond just traditional wedding photos (although we do those as well) - so you don't need to worry about missing a thing.


I will process all your images, making some black and white or using other processes to give you something more than just colour images - think vintage, think sepia!


I will supply all your images on two USB's and also put them on to an online password client gallery, so you can share your images easily with your family, friends and guests. The client gallery is set up so your friends and family can download images for FREE. 


I pride myself on an efficient service with a quick turnaround of 2-3 weeks, meaning you don't have to wait too long for your pictures! Depending on how long we are with you, more than 600 beautiful images will be yours forever. I supply them without copyright restrictions, so all your images are yours to use as you wish. 


I offer a payment plan over three affordable instalments - one when you book, the second a week or so before the wedding and the third when I get the pictures to you, hopefully helping with your budget planning.


With the formal information out of the way, I want to explain that I can be more than just your wedding photographer. I have photographed many weddings.


If you are struggling with a timeline for your day, I can help and advise you about that.


If you are struggling to choose a venue, I can advise you about that.


If you are wondering what time of year is best for your wedding, I can listen to your requirements and advise you about that. 


If you are wondering whether to have speeches before everybody enjoys their wedding breakfast, I can advise you about that. 


Whatever you are wondering about, ask me: chances are I can help you. 


The reality is that nobody cares about your wedding as much as you - but I can promise you that I care about your wedding photographs as much as you care about your wedding day. 

Please get in touch - I'd love to talk about how we can work together.

Wedding Photography Birmingham